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Labour and a newborn baby

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Labour and a newborn baby

Instead of pacing the delivery ward waiting room…what else do you do waiting for a delivery of a baby but go and find a crochet class!

I trotted off to Skipton on a little jolly with my sister-in-law Sam in search of knit and natter, a local crochet and knitting group.

I decided that I was better doing something that distracted, rather than pacing the corridors of Helm Chase, the maternity hospital, while sis (Lesley) delivers her bub.


As a midwife I think that deliveries are for parents and as an aunty my place was elsewhere and I would arrive later when all the messy stuff was out of the way and baby was fed, dressed and wrapped.

Sam doesn’t knit or crochet so I thought it was very commendable that she came along and joined us. Gold star Sam!

I’d heard about knit and natter from Attic 24’s blog I was hoping to meet Lucy but she was elsewhere.

In Australia we call one of our crochet and knitting classes stich and bitch!!! I think the English are a lot more genteel and polite! LOL.

So we went to Skipton on a very cold, in fact bitterly cold day in May. It was all of 5C and no sun.

We found the Wild Oats café on the High Street, opposite the church.

Now I’m not shy – no you say, I can’t believe that! – so I introduced myself and got the warmest welcome.

I am a real stickybeak (nosey parker) and I soon found out everyone’s names, what they were making and all about wool and craft in the North of England. I had a really top quality day out.

Emma is crocheting the most divine blankie. Check out those colour combos. I was in crochet heaven with her. Alas my crochet is not on par yet!


The lady who owns the café is the lovely Carole. These are her crocheted hearts above. Stunning. She also has hooked by design.

Sheila Metcalfe was making some delightful crocheted Royal jubilee pieces and she is also a local artist. Her paintings are as amazing as her crochet.

There was Wendy (above) and her funky jumper, gorgeous wool, like a mohair.

Jan and her chunky wool project. Jan's starting up her blog soon, very exciting.

John and his Lucet, an ancient (Medieval/Viking) tool that produces the most intricate necklaces and bracelets.

My baby things that I’d taken along never got completed…I was way too interested in everybody elses’ stuff. These patterns are from Etsy and are from a seller called posh patterns, really easy to follow and come on sizes newborn to 4 years.

If you’re ever passing by Skipton on a Thursday, call in 10am to 12midday. You won’t be disappointed.

If any of you want to make toys or clothes for your bubs and littlies these lovely peeps will help and support you. Just pop in for a knit and a natter...

I’ll be back next year to see you all ladies and gentleman! I'll also be going to Woolfest in Cockermouth. Its sounds fabulous and is a national craft/wool event.

After all I have the lovely Freya who arrived right in the middle of the class…

I have only 7 days of my holiday left. Parenting blog up next for those of you who are not into crochet. Don't worry Karen has not lost the plot she's just indulging herself on her holiday!

Freya (and the parents) is doing well, 8 days old and I hardly hear her at night.I'm staying in the spare room which I've renamed Karen's room. She cluster feeds till midnight then sleeps till 6am! A real dream baby. 

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