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I Weighed The Biggest Baby in Britain!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
I Weighed The Biggest Baby in Britain!
I decided to write a more ‘frivolous’ blog today. Just to show another side of me! Those that know me, will know about my appetite for all things Hollywood, fashion, glossy magazines and the unusual.

Yes, I have outed myself.

I discovered this past fortnight, though, something I had kept hidden from even my nearest and dearest. Sometimes I think I tell everything…and more besides. So to have kept something hidden was a revelation even to myself.

In 1992, I was working as a midwife, on the Special Care Baby Unit, at Furness General Hospital in Barrow-in-Furness, South Cumbria, when a rather large newborn baby was admitted. It was usual practice to weigh, measure and perform observations on all babies admitted to the unit. I clearly recall placing him on the scales and the paediatrician Dr R, saying to me, “weigh him again nurse, that can’t we correct.” So I did as he asked, despite knowing it was and yet again the scales displayed 15lb 8oz (7.18kg)!

Amazing. He filled the incubator and was such a robust boy. All our clothes were too small, so we went to the children’s ward next door and found some rather large babygro's that were probably around6-month size. These fitted perfectly. He was a delight to look after.

So, there you go – I weighed the heaviest baby in Britain and he’s in the Guinness Book of Records. Yay!

As a largish newborn myself (9lb 4oz) I feel an affinity with all larger babies. Everyone wants a small baby. So, Lesley (sister), if your baby is big and I have a feeling it will be, don’t worry I REALLY LOVE BIG BABIES! And yes Freya was all of 4.44KG! and a normal birth. Ouch.

So why are babies getting bigger? Is it our Western diet, lots of dairy and red meat? I worked in the Footscray area of West Melbourne and the babies born to Vietnamese parents were so much bigger born than the parents had been. These parents were convinced it was the Western diet and the dairy especially. What do you think?

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