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Teething...another option for pain relief

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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A lot of my blogs come out of chance conversations with you parents out there!

And here's one that came from Angela, mummy of Beau 10 months.

We were talking about his waking up in pain and screaming. A sure sign of those pesky teeth erupting.

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Angela mentioned that she'd been using Hyland tablets. I'd never heard of them. so I did a bit of research.

They're homeopathic and contain homeopathic ingredients including chamomile. They're dissolvable in water for younger babies or under the tongue and dissolve almost instantly they're placed there.

Just for info : they had a recall in 2010 and the FDA found varying levels of Belladonna in them. They've since ben passed by the FDA and were relaunched in March 2012.

They're a USA company and she'd got her pharmacist to order them in. They can also be contacted by email.

A heap of parents swear by them. Let me know if you've used them or if anything else works better for teething.

For a more locally available product there's always Brauers teething relief. Again another homeopathic product, contains similar ingredients to the Hylands tablets, including Belladonna and Chamomile.


Sophie the giraffe, many a baby's favourite

And there's always the damp face-washer in the freezer to fall back on if homeopathy or traditional analgesics are not your thing.

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