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Managing baby's cold with baby massage

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Managing baby's cold with baby massage

Baby massage can be used to alleviate and treat minor ailments such as colds and digestive issues.

It is not designed to replace traditional medicine but rather to work alongside, to be complementary. If conditions are not improving it is wise and recommended to seek a medical opinion.

Common colds

Babies and children get a lot of common colds. A newborn in the first year can experience a bout of the common cold approximately every 6 weeks.

Baby massage can help relieve congested sinuses. Babies are not natural mouth breathers so if their noses become blocked they really struggle with their feeds. They will often feed more often and take smaller amounts.

nasal massage

Applying gently pressure to the sinus area on the forehead can really help. Gently massage from the nasal bridge above the eyebrows on the forehead with your thumbs outwards to the temple. Do this several times. Then massage around the nasal folds where the nostrils join the face.

At night-time use a cold-water humidifier in baby’s bedroom.
The Rainbow Mist brand I find really easy to use and is much safer than a hot water vaporiser.


It really helps baby sleep by opening up the sinuses. Avoid the use of eucalyptus and/or tea tree essential oils or a menthol and eucalyptus rub on the chest. Research has found that these actually increase secretions.

However if baby is not feeding well it’s wise to consult your family doctor to check it isn’t something more serious.

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