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Baby sleep story - Daniel 3.5 months

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Here is a lovely success story I wanted to share as a blog.
Daniel is three and a half months old. His parents are moving overseas to Europe for work reasons and his parents were desperate for a solution for their baby boy. His mum sent me a message via my Facebook page and as soon as I read it I knew I could help them and fix his constant crying. He sounded like a very overtired baby. He is such a cutie and has been a very quick learner. During my visit he self settled and slept for 3 sleep cycles!!! Amazing.

I'll let mum tell you his story...

We would like to thank Karen for saving our family by teaching us how to settle our 3 1/2 month old baby boy Daniel. Prior to meeting Karen, our little one has been increasingly unsettled for the past 2-3 weeks. Whenever he cries, he wants to be carried or to be breastfed and he uses the breast for comfort sucking just to pacify / settle him. He does this every 1-1 1/2 hr and it is increasingly very tiring for us. He rarely also takes naps during the day and if he does he only last for a few mins (less than 30 mins).

At night we breastfeed him till he falls asleep before we place him in his cot. We also had a hard time putting him in his pram as he refuses to sit in It. He also hated riding in the car and hence every time we go out he cries a lot and we need to breastfeed him till he falls asleep before we are able to transport him around. He also hates bathing and would always cry.

After hearing some riveting news about Karen from one of the mums, I contacted her to see if she can help us. She came down to our home for a visit to show and thoroughly explain to us on how we can settle Daniel because we didn't realize that our baby is overly tired. Karen is very knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and caring in our situation.

After just one week of sleep training, Daniel's mood has improved from a cry baby to a much much happier baby. He can now sit in his pram, settle in the car, and gained more confidence during his bath time. During the week Karen has been in touch with us twice just to see how we are going. She genuinely shows concern to us and to our  little one. With this, We cannot thank Karen enough as her advice is a precious gift to our household. Happy bubba = happy parents....

James, Maureen, and Daniel

And here is a very well rested and happy little bubba, so cute :-)

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