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International Childrens' Book Day - introducing Nouk

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
International Childrens' Book Day - introducing Nouk

On International Childrens' Book Day I thought it was very timely to introduce you all to a new home delivery service for childrens books - Nouk.

As you all know I'm extremely passionate about babies and children and reading.

It's something I talk about a lot on my home consultations and I love a couple of good books in a bedtime routine.

They send two new books to little readers every month. It is a great service which can benefit the entire family, appealing to rurally located families, time poor city families or a great gift from a loved one.

If you'd like to know more click on this link.


Mum-of-three launches Nouk, a book home delivery service
• Choose from one, six or 12 month membership plans Sydney, Australia – 25 February 2016: A simple way to expand your child's library and love of books has arrived in Australia. The brainchild of mum-of-three Alison Joyce, Nouk ( is a subscription service that sends two specially chosen books home to little readers every month. Nouk offers a convenient and cost-effective way for busy parents to bring the joy of story time to their children.

A Nouk membership can also be given as a gift for birthdays, baby showers or Christmas. The range of books sent home by Nouk ensures parents and children have easy access to new books, new authors and adequate material.

The two books delivered every month are selected based on the child's gender, age and developmental stage, starting from first words and picture books for babies, right through to imagination inspiring stories for school starters.

Beatrix Potter

There are three different membership plans available:

one month (billed monthly, $30/m),

six months(billed every six months, $27/m) and

12 months (billed annually, $25/m).

The age-appropriate Nouk book range includes board books, picture books andpaperbacks, with a focus on Australian authors, new authors and new releases that have just hit the market. Alison Joyce, founder of Nouk, said: "Our aim is to help families with young children spend more quality time reading beautiful books together. Nouk gives these families the foundations they need to establish positive reading habits with their children."

"As life moves more and more towards technology, physical books are still very important for young children.

It's a wonderful gift to give a child a foundation of literacy, to allow them to believe in fantasy, different worlds, characters, and adventures." "My daughter Bella was the inspiration behind Nouk. She loves reading and receiving mail. If the children had their way, they would have hundreds of books read to them every night. When the third child arrived I started thinking how would I keep up with the demand in my household for new and exciting books, and from there Nouk was born"

reading to baby

The simple sign-up process at includes your child's name, gender and age, and is supported by easy and reliable customer service. You can also register a Nouk membership as a gift through the site.

The service sends a package addressed to the child each month with two new books inside, helping to reinvigorate the habit of reading each month for you and your child.

About Alison Joyce

Alison is proud mother of three beautiful children, all under five. Her days are busy but there is a very nice part of the day – Alison and her husband Henry have dedicated themselves to reading to the kids. Story time in the Joyce house has been nurtured and in turn has resulted in their children having an avid love for books.

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