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Wise words from my sister about moving onto solids!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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My little sis, Lesley sent me some wise words about moving your baby onto solids.

Here she is talking first hand about her experiences with Miss Freya.

It was so good I had to share. Hope sis doesn't mind!!! LOL :-)

Reading between the lines it appears that Miss Freya is very particular and quite demanding. Who does she take after???

We have chosen and purchased the high chair

It also comes in other patterns. I like tea party!!!

Freya and cuddles

Gday sis! After much deliberation this is the chair we've settled on and luckily the cheapest of the three! If possible i think we'd like it in the dippi egg design but to be honest we don't really mind. Like i said amazon do it the cheapest. Thank you again :) 

 Another thought for your weaning talk - i know you will know this already but here goes:
Dont try when baby too tired - nightmare! All they want is the boob and NOW! Not a stupid spoon of glob.
Dont try baby when toooo hungry - needs to be a little hungry but thats all! 
I found baby Freya preferred the porridge to rice to start off with but thats probably an individual thing - i personally think porridge is vile! 
When they throw themselves backwards and scream aaahhhh they've had enough and want boob!
Be quick about it - if you hang about they lose interest and get frustrated!
Most veg went down ok apart from cauliflower - bit too bitter i think - did the trick of giving a bit of apple in there or pear but all good now and loves her veggies. I tend to give more savouries to sweet things what a mean mum!
I bought special weaning spoons which are softer on the old gums and a bit more shallow.
Use pots to freeze left overs - bit russian roulette when going to get a meals out though if not labelled! I found individual pots easier than the ice cube trays as you can never get to pop out what you want. 
Poo changes from runny to hard! In Freyas case anyway - prune juice worked a treat but can still get constipated so am trying to give baby food that has more fibre and pear in and gluten free. Trying to get her to drink water too but not keen as yet...
Steaming veg where poss, or use water for boiling to blitz - hand held blender used a lot - invaluable! Roast in olive oil too as you know!
Bibs bibs and more bibs and muslins! It's a messy job. Roll up sleeves of both parties and tie long hair back!
Freya enjoying trying to feed herself rusks, and has had some scrambled egg :) 
Anyway like i say i'm sure i'm only telling you what you know already, and have probably bored you way too much with this but just wanted to try and help!
Bye for now lots of love - will send photos and video clip soon i promise! We went to keswick today and everyone was admiring her hat again! No pressure..... !!!! xxxxxxx

Looks like I'm being pressurised into making more crocheted hats for Miss Freya!

Sis doesn't realise how busy I am! I feel the guilt card is being played. Not mothers guilt, sisters! It is cold in the North of England and I can't let her experience that nasty biting cold and wind, can I?

So crochet hooks and wool are out...

crocheted hat

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