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Why your toddler won't go to sleep!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Why your toddler won't go to sleep!
I've been working with a heap of toddlers recently and so am on their wavelength!!!

I've heard just about every excuse why they don't want to go to sleep and I am loving this list.

Why your toddler won't go to sleep

1. She is 3.
2. It's too warm in her room.
3. She needs water.
4. It's too cold in her room.
5. She needs doggie.
6. She needs baby snow leopard.
7. I didn't read the third "Clifford" story.
8. Daddy is supposed to lay on the floor.
9. No, Daddy, NOT MOMMY.
10. That thing (the fan) is making a scary noise.
11. She needs blankie.
12. She is hungry for fruit bunnies.
13. The light is too bright.
15. She has to go potty.
16. She is not in our bed.
17. She is 3.

This is a bit of fun borrowed from The Huffington Post.

Loving it as much as me? Thought so! It's so important to keep that sense of humour because boy oh boy does sleep or lack of it feel not funny sometimes!

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