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Dummies and pacifiers and baby sleep problems

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Dummies/pacifiers can be a lifesaver for a lot of parents especially for babies with reflux and colic. 

As a baby whisperer I'm often called to help parents when the dummy has caused the 40 minute wake up and it's hard!


Sleep associations with dummies are very powerful things and however the baby goes to sleep needs to be replicated for the next 40 minute sleep cycle.

I knew as soon as I met Miss Ruby and I heard that she couldn't go past a 40 minute sleep cycle that it was probably the dummy.

She is on medication for reflux so we knew it wasn't the reflux. With reflux most babies either cannot go down easy in the cot and most cannot sleep past 20 minutes. They are the proverbial cat napper.

She had developed a cold the day I met her and as you may know babies cannot mouth breathe, they are natural nose breathers.

Because she had a cold, her poor little nose was blocked so the dummy was competing with her blocked nose and guess what she did a double sleep cycle twice that day. AHA…proof it was most probably the dummy...


So I set mum some sleep training to wean her off the dummy.

And it wasn't easy and yes she cried but after 2 days…wow…super settler Miss Ruby.

Mum used some saline spray/drops (Fess/Flo) before feeds and before going down for a sleep. Sometimes a vaporiser can be helpful.

Her temperature was normal and she was feeding well so it was OK to continue.

And a week later, we have no dummy and a super settler.

Go Miss Ruby. She is really happy and sleeps amazingly well and her mummy is thrilled :-)

And because she is sleeping so well she has moved on with her development this week and has learnt to sit up this week :-)))))

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