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Cart coffee!!! The Favourite Child where have you gone?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on coffee!!! The Favourite Child where have you gone?

On my way to Bondi today for my regular Wednesday slot at Basger's Pharmacy, North Bondi, I discovered that my regular caffeine fix at The Favourite Child was closed!

I recoiled in horror...what no coffee?

What was a girl to do?

So off I drove along Gelenayr Avenue and pulled up near Blair Street near the roundabout. The bakery on the corner was full and service was non-existent and then the queue jumpers arrived. Yes. It was bad. And remember I'd had no sense of humour lacking.

So I hot footed it across the road and there was Jed' long lost friend. No queue, polite service and fairly quick and most importantly darned good coffee.

So it's bye bye favourite child and come back Jed's...all is forgiven.

And most importantly Basger's was fun and the bubs were all cute and I had coffee...

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