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We were broken and wrecked until Karen turned our life around

Posted by Abi Staniford on
We were broken and wrecked until Karen turned our life around
We were absolutely broken and wrecked until Karen completely turned our life, health and well being around - most importantly she changed our baby's life too!!!

We enlisted Karen when our bub was 12 months old, my only regret is that we didn't seek her help sooner.

He was a very fussy eater, cat napper during the day and got to the point of waking every hour most nights. I was breastfeeding him and ready to stop - Karen helped with that transition too. Karen's wonderful EA Lisa was so kind and nurturing throughout the booking process, in fact, the detailed
questionnaire helped prompt me to make a few changes in the weeks leading up to Karen's visit (we chose the overnight stay) so the impact on our baby was very positive.

Our baby was mostly happy - but became even happier after he started getting a full night's sleep. All of a sudden, he didn't fight to get in the car when it wasn't sleep time, he was so content going for long walks in his pram (and would stay awake!!) and his gross motor skills became fine tuned soon after. The best thing about it all was that his appetite increased and Karen's tips helped us introduce him to a variety of foods and food groups.

Everything Karen predicted came true!! We couldn't believe it. She really is the baby whisperer. Karen has so much credibility from her extensive and passionate career, but we also just loved her and her energy. We were so comfortable having Karen in our home and will be enlisting her MUCH sooner with baby number 2.

Thank you, Karen, we talk about you all the time and when people comment on what a wonderful sleeper our baby is - all credit rightly goes to you.

Lauren and baby Vincenzo

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