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The Child's Game - Special Time - Part 1

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
The Child's Game - Special Time - Part 1
Friday (1st June) is Children's Day in China. Jin, a lovely lady I worked with, told me about this tradition. All children get the day off school as do their mothers. It's an opportunity to have special child and mummy time. What a truly special occasion.

Which leads me on to The Child's Game.

I came across this concept in Salford, Manchester where I was employed as a Health Visitor. As Health Visitors we were employed as mini psychologists. We had training from clinical psychologists and this enabled quick and accessible input, to help prevent, and also treat behaviour problems in two to five year olds.

This is something that I do a lot of now in my private and practice nurse roles.

The Child's Game taught parent's how to build a relationship with your child and helps your child achieve resilience and an inner confidence.

I'm going to detail it out in next weeks Toddler Development Series blog.

It's something that every parent should know about...

Happy Child's Day to all those children out there :-)

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