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Toddler behaviour help for Taj and his parents

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Toddler behaviour help for Taj and his parents
A friend of mine had recommended Nurture Parenting to me, after I mentioned some behavioural and sleep issues we were having with our 3yr old son. The friend had used Karen for her 6 month old and had outstanding results. After discussing with my husband we agreed to give it a go. Immediately on the phone Karen assured she could help.

We spent only 4 hours with Karen in our own home and Taj responded straight away. We used many techniques including: time out for bad behaviour, no TV watching after 5pm, moving his bedtime to 7pm, no special treat after dinner. Instead he is now offered a choice of fruit or yoghurt as his treat.

I believe inviting Karen into your home, for a personalized consultation, really makes a huge difference to the outcome. Each child is an individual and Karen looks personally at your child. She examines the development, environment and what routines are in place and then decisions are made, in consultation with the parents, on what needs to be changed.

I have read so many books in the past trying different techniques but have never had success.

Karen's techniques are simple, straight to the point and are easy to follow.

Taj also responded to Karen in a way we have not really seen before (with a stranger).

Immediately there was a level of respect for Karen, she was firm but not in a way that made Taj uncomfortable he just knew she "meant business". He now refers to Karen as the "Lady" and talks about her often when reminding mummy and daddy of the rules!

The tools are given but it’s really up to you to apply once Karen has left. After a couple of tough days, Taj’s behaviour had completely changed. He now listens to instructions, mealtime is enjoyable instead of a hassle trying to force him to eat. We now have a few house rules that he has learnt so well and we often laugh when he reminds us of the rules! There was an immediate change to his sleep, no night waking and up to 11 to 12 hours solid a night.

The great thing is Karen's tools became a lifestyle change, it now comes naturally to me. We feel we have complete control back of our happy little toddler and our household is a lot more peaceful and runs smoothly. The husband and I now have our nights back to ourselves. Perfect timing ready for the next challenge a newborn! Support is also given by Karen once she has left the home with regular phone calls to check on how it's going and answer questions you may have. I highly recommend bringing Karen into your home it is truly life changing.

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