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Healing nappy rash

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Nappy rash causes such misery to baby and makes nappy changing a nightmare. I get asked about it on a weekly basis so I think it deserves some blog air. It can happen for so many reasons:

    • teething
    • gastroenteritis
    • thrush or candida
    • change in diet

Helping your baby with nappy rash

    • Change nappies frequently, including overnight.
    • Wash Napisan and detergent out of cloth nappies (diapers). They can irritate sensitive and broken skin.
    • Use treatment (nappy creams) regularly and try not to chop and change.
    • Check with your Child & Family Health Nurse or GP in case it's a fungal infection/candida or eczema. These need special treatment. If it isn't healing within 3-4 days, or if the baby has a temperature check with your GP.
    • Use the correct ointment/cream for the rash.
    • When changing the nappy clean the affected skin very gently. Use warm water and cotton wool or cut up squares of a J-cloth soaked in warm water. When cleaning the nappy area dab the skin rather than using a sweeping motion. It is so much kinder to irritated skin.
    • Don't use nappy wipes as they irritate the skin.
    • If the skin is broken avoid natural ointments with fruit acids in them such as Lucas Paw Paw ointment as this can cause thrush. Thrush grows in a moist, warm, dark environment (the wet and dirty nappy) and would feed off the fruit acids in the pawpaw. I will be looking at napkin thrush in another blog.
    • Nappies are not clean enough if you wash at 40°C (104°F). Either wash at 60°C (140°F) or give them a 'blast' in the microwave. There may be a yeast infection in the nappies - you will need to sort out both the yeast infection and any clothes that have been contaminated before you can go back to washing at 40°C (104°F).
    • Here's a selection of ointments and creams for treating and preventing nappy rash

BABE nappy rash cream

    • You can find Babe Nappy Rash Cream on the Nurture Parenting online store. It protects babies’ skin thanks to its barrier function that helps to prevent irritations and nappy rashes. Its’ formula helps to prevent possible infections. Contains 10% Zinc as well as softening Shea Butter and healing ingredient, Calendula. You'll need to apply each it time baby has a nappy change to help maintain skin integrity.

    • It comes a close favourite to Bepanthen because it's got a zinc base and a good moisture content. This is essential for speedy wound healing.
    • Sudocrem is a bit drying and we know that wounds need moisture to heal more effectively. You might have your own favourite. Let me know what works well for you and your baby. You might have your own favourite. Let me know what works well for you and your baby.

Here's some more reading on nappy rash: 

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