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Freya has learnt to climb the stairs! Oh no! Oh YES!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Freya has learnt to climb the stairs! Oh no! Oh YES!
I thought an update on Miss Freya (my sister, Lesley's little girl) was well overdue! She's now 9 months old and guess what? She's pulling to stand and has learnt how to climb the stairs. Eeeeek!

I think a stair gate may be in order. They move like lightening at this age and even if you close the door there's still a chance trouble can happen.

Children are not aware of danger and what it means until around 3 years old so it's best to think about child proofing early and pre-empt any potential accidents.

A good website to look at is Kidsafe.  and in the UK have a look at the Child Accident Prevention Trust

So as well as stairs potential trouble spots I've recently encountered are ovens - little ones can easily put their hands onto a hot oven and end up with severe burns on the hands. I recently had a 2 year old at my GP job who had burnt their finger pads through being curious.

TV plasma screens that are not secured can be pulled down onto them as can book cases when they get adventurous, start to climb and topple over with the item.

The Royal Children's Hospital at Melbourne, have a great website and a checklist you can use to minimise childhood accidents in and out of the home.

It's also good to have the Poisons Centre phone no handy just in case.

Here's the Poisons Centre no for NSW  13 11 26

I always think that if you're prepared by attending a First Aid Course, having a First Aid Kit and knowing all the phone nos, you're prepared and being prepared reduces the risk.

These numbers are also on the back of your Blue Book (Child Health Book) in New South Wales.

So be prepared, you'll thank yourself and so will your child.

And here's a few more photos of Miss Freya to brighten up your day. It won't be long before she's walking and my sister has her next baby due in June. Eeek, 2 babies under 13 months old!!!! Luckily sis is very relaxed so she'll probably breeze through it.

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