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Looking for the next TV or film star!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Looking for the next TV or film star!
Today a blog with a difference!

I was down at Basger's Pharmacy doing my usual Wednesday morning slot, weighing babies and answering parents questions and concerns.

I'd had a note left on my scales asking if I knew any twin girls?

Intrigued? Yes I was!

An agency next door to Basger's was looking for some babies for a major TV series and they'd asked for my help!!!

I showed them my card, told them about the blog and all the lovely photos of cute little bubba's on my Facebook page.

And yes there was interest. So if any of you parents are keen to let your baby have a go at TV/photographic and worldwide stardom let me know and I'll point you in their direction.

I showed them some of the photos I'd taken and they were more than a bit interested.

So if you're passing by Basger's on a Wednesday I have a few of their cards to give out. It sounds like a whole heap of fun :-)

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