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Liz, Nick and Maisie Fordham

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Liz, Nick and Maisie Fordham
We needed Karen’s professional help and advice twice. Once when our little girl was 11 months and again when she was 18 months. For the first time, Karen worked her magic and helped us with settling techniques, getting Maisie to sleep through the night, food ideas for toddlers and the transition from breast feeding to cow’s milk in a sippy cup. She completely transformed our routine and gave us more structure, which inevitability gave us more sleep and a calmer house.

The second time we needed Karen was to help us resettle Maisie when we came back from an overseas trip. We used a different settling technique that suited Maisies’ age but was still based on the self-settling techniques first used. I was amazed how quickly Maisie took to this new technique, as she already had the ability to self-settle herself from the previous technique. We loved Karen’s calm, caring and professional approach that gave us the tools to be a confident mum and dad. It was also nice to know that Karen was only a phone call away when we tried the techniques on our own. There is no one else I would call. Thanks a million Karen! Liz, Nick & Maisie Fordham.

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