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Life with a new baby...

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Life with a new baby...
Hello out there peeps!

I've been so busy helping my sis, the lovely Lesley and her bloke Jonny (the new dad) that I've not had time for another blog post till now!


Amazing where the time and day goes with a new bub!

Freya is now one week old.

She is so gorgeous but there again I am the aunty, so forgive my gushings!!!LOL.

I arrived a couple of days ago and it's been non stop flat chat. Those of you who've had a bub will be able to picture it!

We had a tough first night with her. Sis and Jonny had taken her out for a walk in the new pram/stroller down the main street in the day. A chance to get some fresh air and a few groceries.

Baby crying

Not so simple...there were curious people who were so pleased to see them all...lots of them and everyone had a peek in the pram.

Now Freya is a real stickybeak - Australian term for someone who likes to know what's going on in the world and doesn't miss a trick. So she missed out on a sleep...

I arrived at 6pm and we had a difficult time getting her off to sleep that night. It ended up being way past midnight. Arrrggghhh...We were all stressed. no details needed.

Me and sis are going to write a blog together on things that new parents need to this space.

So yesterday was a totally different ball game. We had regular sleeps, play and feeds. Different breast feeding positions (football hold) to drain the full boobies! Some things I did yesterday I never envisioned doing as a sister! No detail needed but we both had a laugh about it. Sometimes I'm a midwife/health visitor/child and family health nurse first and sister second!!!

I introduced Freya to tummy time and she lasted 3 minutes...impressed. We both got on the floor and it makes a difference if you get down to their eye level, and we used a towel under her arms.

Last night sis cluster fed till 12mn and we used a dummy...I know I did say I was never going to use one.

I had a baby recently to do some sleep work/baby whisperer stuff with (over in Sydney), with a big dummy problem and it was so hard for his parents but even I break my own rules!

There are no rules in parenting. You just need a repertoire and use what works for you and your baby.

It's now 9am and Freya slept from 12mn till 6am!!! Sis feels fantastic and is now having her brekkie.

baby sleep
I've got her on Karen's regime!!! Those of you in Sydney who know me will be having a chuckle at this! But in 24 hours we've managed to turn it all around.

I did manage a trip to the shops yesterday and yes I couldn't resist the bookshops...

The bunting is out for the Queen's Royal Jubilee, really pretty and festive.

It really is heaven, this little town.

I've only got 10 days left and a lot of things and people to see...

May get a a bit of blogging done now. Yesterday was a day for Freya and sis. My two most important girls. Love you both to bits XXX

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