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Baby sleep training a 10 month old - Lexi

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby sleep training a 10 month old - Lexi
Here's a testimonial from a mummy with a 10 month old baby who is now into her cot loving and sleeping through the night. YAY for Lexi :-)

We contacted Karen to help improve our situation, which we thought was fairly good at the time. We were feeding to sleep day and night and to resettle a few times each night. This was particular tricky when our 10 month old bub wasn’t hungry, or was wound up and still not settled after a full feed. What to do? We rang Karen hoping she could give us some tips and that very evening she spend many hours meeting bub and then teaching us to settle her.

I remember her saying that we wouldn’t know ourselves after a week, and I while I thought there would be some improvement, I was surprised how well and quickly bub’s sleeping improved.

Previously I’d feed bub to sleep, then tiptoe around outside waiting to rush in when she woke, which was typically twice before I went to bed. I’d feed her back to sleep again in the very early morning, and she’d be up a few hours later at 430 am, when our day would start. Day sleeps were the same.

Fast-forward to a week later, and we really don’t know ourselves!

Feeding is separate to sleeping, and bub can put herself to sleep in her cot in less than ten minutes without so much as a whimper. Just lies down and dreamily drifts off. Mornings are at 6 am,  giving us 11 hours of uninterrupted time for sleep, housework, or watching bad TV. Day sleeps are the same.

I never thought it could be that easy.

And bub is so much happier for it!

Thanks so much Karen!

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