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Floor play promotes baby learning

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Floor play promotes baby learning
I talk about tummy time an awful lot! And boy I'm glad that I do. I went to a Karitane conference a little while ago and there was an amazing presentation from one of the Gymbaroo researchers.

She told us that tummy time and time spent on promoting development through floor play and exercises is linked to intelligence and increased school performance. How huge is that?


Because we do a lot of baby carrying, baby wearing and the SIDS back to sleep campaign a lot of babies do not spend much time on their tummy or on the floor.

There are a heap of benefits to the baby from doing regular tummy time every day.

Babies learn new things when placed on their tummies. Their vestibular system (balance) is promoted and this teaches them about balance. They learn about their environment and how their body links into it using spatial awareness. They learn how to lift their heads up and strengthen their neck muscles. By rolling them over to their front we think it promotes the area of the brain that looks at problem solving (cognition) and it teaches fine as well as gross motor skills. It also teaches sensory integration. We think this is important for preventing learning and developmental issues such as ADHD.

And if you're having trouble with tummy time have a watch of this YouTube clip.

Most babies are like us adults, they don't love tummy time straight away, like a lot of us hate exercise. But given time and practice and if we make it a bit easier for them by using a rolled up towel under their arms, they will learn to see how useful it is.

Give it a try and see the difference.

And if you'd like to have a look at the research on this, feel free, here's the link...

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