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How to stop your toddler throwing their food

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
How to stop your toddler throwing their food
You may remember Miss Ava and the baby led weaning video from 4 months ago. My very first YouTube for Nurture Parenting Solutions.

Well Miss Ava is all grown up now and is one year old. Happy Birthday to Miss Ava.

Her mummy, Jade had hit a new problem with Miss Ava. And it's one that I now heaps of you parents out there also have.

Jade was more than happy to let me tell the story and share the love and give you a solution to this problem that can easily get way out of control!

A big thank you to Jade and Miss Ava.

Ava has been throwing her food onto the floor. More food was on the floor than she was eating and it was all getting really messy.

Those of you with toddlers will be able to picture it well!

After I asked a few questions I had the answer!

Jade (her mummy) was doing what a lot of mummies and parents do, she was getting caught up on the washing up and Miss Ava was eating by herself in her high chair.

When toddlers don't get what they want and get bored they escalate their behaviour and one of these lovelies includes food throwing!!!

Modelling behaviour is so important to toddlers and if you sit down and eat with them they will eat 25% more food and make better food choices. Huge.

Its really important to turn the TV off and keep your iPhone, computer and anything else turned off and away from the table.

You have a window of 20-30 minutes and its really important that you eat with them. It doesn't have to be a full meal. If you want to eat later with your partner then just chop up a banana or an apple. What is important is that you're present, watching, interacting in a positive way and eating with your toddler/child.

Here's the YouTube VLOG of what we got up to.

And guess what? Ava hardly threw a thing on the floor. Amazing. As simple as that.

Remember that as a parent what you do now in the early years will pay off for life….

And those dishes and that text message can most definitely wait.

Food for thought.

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