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How to recognise an overtired baby

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
How to recognise an overtired baby
Most of you know that I write parenting books as well as this blog and I also do YouTube. Well I decided to put all these awesome things together to create some really great packages that demonstrate what my home consult clients get. Soon they will be available from my new shop:

I love teaching and I love showing it via film, as well as words. I think there's something very special about film. For the past few months I've been filming heaps in parents homes. Thank you to all the parents that helped me with this, it is really appreciated. I'm putting out a taster on YouTube here.

This little video demonstrates 0-6 week old babies and what an untired baby looks like that is happy to play vs. a baby that is ready to sleep and then one that is very overtired.

All of these babies I managed to get to sleep even Sahara, the very overtired one.

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