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Has Your Baby Learned To Stand In The Cot & Is No Longer Sleeping?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Has Your Baby Learned To Stand In The Cot & Is No Longer Sleeping?

Has your baby has learned to stand and no longer sleeping?

I got the following help message from a mum ...

Hi Karen, My little boy Hunter is now nine and a half months old.

In the last two weeks he has learned to crawl and pull himself up to stand. His favorite pastime at the moment is to stand in the cot when he should be napping. I've been waiting a few minutes, then going in and laying him back down. Saying, "Sleep time" and leaving.

I usually have to do this multiple times. Sometimes he sits after standing for a while, and from what

I can see in the monitor, it looks like he can't figure out how to lie down again. So I go in and lay him back down. Say, "Sleep time" and leave again.

He doesn't always cry out and if he does it's very brief and he will sometimes be happily playing even though he's due for a nap and showing tired signs.

I'm worried he sees me going in as a game.Will he eventually work it out on his own?


No, he won't work it out on his own. Yes, he does think it's a game. He needs to learn how to do this. You're showing him, but he's not learning. That sounds like you've got a strong personality here with Hunter. If you lie him down 40 times ...
  1. He's not learning how to do this
  2. You're really ticking him off
He's going to be not happy about this. And all that keeps happening is the Jack in the box. He jumps back up again and again and again. It's a game.

You're making him angry. So what you need to do instead is go in the room and lie on the floor on day one, and pretend to be asleep. Get a little pillow.

By day 2 you need to be on the chair and doing my Magic Presence™ technique. If you want to know how to do this it's in the online program.

It looks at how you manage this standing up and sitting down behaviour. But the worst thing you can do is just is to keep on laying him down and to leave it.

Boys struggle with stress. So the in and out method wouldn't work. You need to be in there to give him the message that he needs to go to sleep. And how do you give them the message? You show that you're asleep yourself.

But if you lie on the floor forever you've moved in, so you need to move on with the process. If you want to know more about it it's in the online program. But that's what you need to do.

You get very very angry children and to me, it just feels a bit a little bit disrespectful. We're forcing him to do something that he's not quite ready to do.

Sleep and laying down the cot, it has to come of their own volition, when they are ready. You know it's like anything in life. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

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