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Eylem & Ava, 6 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Eylem & Ava, 6 months
We have a gorgeous daughter Ava. Up until 5-6 months she was an ok sleeper, with a dummy or breastfeed generally able to soothe her back to sleep after waking up during the night…but all of a sudden something changed!

Ava was refusing the dummy and my fail-safe solution (breastfeeding during the night) stopped working. Ava was waking nearly every 2 hours during the night and we just couldn’t get her back to sleep. At one point my husband and I were having to camp out in her bedroom taking turns lying next to her cot so she would go back to sleep.

The lack of sleep meant the whole family was cranky and exhausted. We knew that something had to change and we needed some help. My sister recommended Karen. We spent half a day with her and she talked us though Ava’s routine and teaching her how to get herself to sleep. I liked that she provided a holistic solution – looking at Maya’s diet, play and sleep routine. I must say it wasn’t easy and Ava was not happy with the initial change in approach!

There were many frantic phone calls to Karen seeking encouragement and feedback and she was always there to help and provide guidance and support. The hard work paid off – Ava now loves her sleep, is a much happier baby and mum and dad are getting some well earned rest – we can’t thank Karen enough and I would definitely recommend her.

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