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Disposable nappy crisis!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Disposable nappy crisis!
Most of you parents are too busty to read the news so I thought I should do a public service and let you know about a potential nappy crisis!

A large chemical plant in Japan that produces a fifth of the polymers (absorbable granules) for disposable nappies has gone up in flames.

Apparently these polymers are already in short supply so it may be wise to consider your options before the big nappy crisis happens.

Should you stock up...just in case? OR move to cloth nappies?

disposable nappy

In Australia it's coming up to summer so cloth is a viable option.

May be something to think about...

This enterprising Aussie mum set her own business up producing cloth nappies and now it's got an annual turnover of $600,000.

and my particular favourite is itti bitti, Miss Freya is a proud owner of these.

cloth nappy!


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