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From catnapper to awesome sleeper

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
From catnapper to awesome sleeper

King of the catnaps

Previously, I'd spoken to and helped Alisha over Facebook with her toddler and his behaviour. Now baby no 2 had arrived and she had a few different challenges on her hands.

The new baby has reflux and he didn't want to sleep in his bassinet. Mum contacted me about my eBook, Help I'm a New Mum and asked it would teach her baby how to self settle in a cot? Have a read about how she got on. This is such a lovely, heartwarming story and I love this new baby is getting great sleep earthside now.

Nurture Parenting new born ebook

And if you’re battling with getting your little one to sleep then... You need to know about my NEWLY launched online #nurturesleepprogram 

It will stop the guesswork and give you:
a tried and tested approach (20 years of helping families with baby & toddler sleep) ✅
Evidence based ✅
Gentle baby sleep methods ✅
Holistic assessment ✅
Nurture & Nourish nutrition program - all recipes have sleep inducing ingredients and a perfect balance for a good nights sleep ✅
Access to a closed Facebook group for one on one support from Karen and 90+ timecoded Facebook Live videos ✅
Prevention for under 4 months ✅ so no need to do sleep training ever ✅
And all at a low $97 for a very limited time ✅
Can you tell Karen is getting rather excited for all you parents who need a good nights sleep and one that happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and not just in a blue moon ? 

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