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Breastfeeding oversupply and a forceful letdown

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Breastfeeding oversupply and a forceful letdown

Oversupply of breast milk

Oversupply is a very common breastfeeding problem and needs careful management to help your baby enjoy feeding much better. Some mums have such a huge supply that their baby struggles to feed properly. The baby is 'drowning' and choking and spluttering with excess breast milk. I've seen breastmilk spurt across a room the flow is so forceful!

Breastfeeding Positions

Many mums think there is only one position they can breastfeed in, the cradle hold. However, there are many different breastfeeding positions and it helps to experiment a bit. The 2 best positions to help with oversupply and a forceful letdown are laying on your back and the straddle position.

Breastfeeding lying on your back is excellent because it:
    • Doesn't cause any pain in your hips or shoulders
    • Doesn't cause pain in perineal stitches
    • Is the best position for mothers with a forceful let-down reflex

    • You won't roll onto your baby if you fall asleep
Breastfeeding in a straddle or saddle position, involves the baby sitting astride the mothers leg, facing the mother.  It can reduce the flow and a forceful let-down reflex.

Other benefits of this position include:
    • Calms down a forceful let-down reflex
    • Good upright position for babies with excess wind or colic
    • Your baby's weight is supported by your leg not your arm
    • Drains the bottom of your breast well
    • Alleviates nipple damage on the sides of your nipple, placing more pressure on the top and bottom instead.

    • Can be used with baby led latch to prime your baby's reflexes so they open their mouth wider and stick out their tongue further.

What can you do to help your baby breastfeed better?

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