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Beatriz & Julia 3 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Beatriz & Julia 3 months
Julia was the quintessential catnapper. She was a colicky baby and would only do 45min at the time. Only rarely would she surprise us with a long nap. The nights were not that bad and that’s what kept us going hoping for a change in her behaviour or what I often hear “she will grow out of it.” She was not self-settling, and we had to rock her to sleep. During the day, I used the Baby Bjorn as a way to settle her.

I soon found myself wandering around the streets of our neighbourhood to make her sleep, unable to seat, unable to rest, always on the move. My back started to sore badly; I couldn’t have a minute to myself, I was exhausted.

I was referred to Tresillian, and we went there for a couple of sessions, but the situation didn’t improve. Julia was still not self-settling and her sleep cycles got shorter, meaning that she was only sleeping 35min instead of 45min.

I was really stressed because I knew that Julia could sleep more and wanted to sleep more. But I didn’t know how to teach her to self-settle and to move from one sleep cycle to the next one.

Karen was highly recommended by a friend and I decided to give her a go. She connected with Julia right away but mainly she understood me. She knew what I was struggling with and she gave me all the tools I needed to act and avoid the 4th-month sleep regression.

She gave me back my confidence by teaching me how to read Julia’s signs and tired cues. With her technique, I saw dramatic results in the first week. Julia started to self-settle and to move from one sleep cycle to the next one and Karen was there for us checking on the situation and answering my questions. Julia is now a happier baby that loves her cot and her room and naps like a pro.

I would recommend Karen to all the parents that struggle with a baby because babies they do not grow out of catnapping but they can with Karen’s help.

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