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Baby sleep myths

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby sleep myths
Last month I wrote an article for Practical Parenting for Jo Hartley, a well known parenting journalist on 6 Baby Myths.

practical parenting

I'm sure some of you wanted to know what I had to say on some common parenting myths. How many baby sleep myths are there out there? Heaps! I really enjoyed my opportunity to debunk and explore these.

The topics I got asked on included:

    • "Smart babies shouldn't be in cots longer than necessary"

    • "Putting honey on a dummy will settle a baby"

    • "Babies sleep through the night if they're put on solids at three months"

Here it is. TA-DA...

I've also been in Coles Baby & Toddler Magazine too!

This blog gave me the confidence to do more writing and Practical Parenting has the largest circulation of all parenting magazines in Australia.

This month - July I'm in there again. This time I'm talking about Baby Sleep.

baby sleep

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