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Tricky baby no 3 and a gentle approach to sleep training

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Tricky baby no 3 and a gentle approach to sleep training
It was literally a chance meeting over the radio airwaves that sent this mummy my way and I've loved helping her and her cute little baby, Angus. Such a gorgeous cheeky smile :-)

Here is mum's story

When I was expecting Baby #3, I promised myself I would NOT fall into the rocking habit (as with baby #2) and end up, for a second time at Tresillain. (Who, for the record are wonderful and do wonderful work!)

But it didn’t take long for rocking Angus to sleep to become a quick and easy habit. To begin with it worked a treat and gave me time with the other two kids. But it didn’t take long before the nights became very unsettled and soon Angus was waking every hour to be rocked back to sleep. Sometimes it took an hour to get him back to sleep. I was utterly exhausted. I would cry all through the nights. The days, I just plodded through, dreading the night to come. While I was struggling alone, I thought I was hiding it pretty well. It wasn’t until during a bit of an argument with my partner that he said that we were all suffering, kids included. I knew I had to do something and ask someone for help but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I’m not sure why.

I tried (and failed!) many different ‘tips’ and one was using white noise in the bedroom. I tuned into Radio 2UE, little did I know what a saving grace that station choice would be! One fateful evening, in an attempt to rock Angus off sleep I heard Karen on the radio talking about her gentle approach to settle babies. It sounded great! So I sent my email off to Karen that week and it wasn’t long before we scheduled our phone call.

I was feeling like a total failure as a mum and I was actually really embarrassed that I had got myself into such a sleep time mess with my third baby. But not once did Karen make me feel that way! She was kind, sympathetic and very understanding. Karen’s approach to getting Angus back on track felt so caring, I loved the fact I wasn’t required to leave him alone and was even encouraged to cuddle my little man! After our chat I finally felt I had a game plan! After reading numerous methods online that I couldn’t bring myself to put into action.

I picked my starting date, and feeling that I had the support I needed, I said goodbye to rocking Angus to sleep. We had the odd set back with colds and coughs thrown in the mix but with the support I had from Karen it didn’t take long to get things back on track. It was so amazing to watch Angus suddenly become this happy little baby boy, who loved his meals and slept! To have time once again in the evenings to spend with my other children and my partner is wonderful. My mummy guilt has definitely lifted! I can never thank Karen (and Radio 2UE!) enough for her guidance and support.


From Karen ...

It's not baby number one or even baby number two that I help, it's quite often the tricky baby number three. There is no shame with babies and sleep and babies who don't sleep. Anyone can have a baby who doesn't sleep. No parent is immune. I've even helped my own sister:

I've helped doctors, nurses, GP's. Also many many psychologists. I can count 50 as clients, no kidding. Whether it's the Psychology degree I have or we just think the same about how baby sleep should be helped? Or that sleep training should be very kind? Who knows! I've also helped many parents who belong to other professions but what unites them is this sleep utopia that is passing them by.

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