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Baby food pouches and speech delay

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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19-month-old toddler stuck on purees

At my previous GP Practice Nurse job I met a mum was desperate. She'd tried everything. Her little girl had refused all lumpy foods. She'd gagged and baulked at lumpy purees. Mum felt stuck and didn't know where to go.

She'd tried the purees in a sachet and had done what many mums have...fed her straight from the tube. Aha! Now I was getting to the bottom of it! A lightbulb moment.

Now, those sachets are everywhere and I feel not being used in a good way. I've seen a lot of parents squeezing them straight into their baby's mouth. What's wrong with that you're asking?

baby purees

By not putting food into a dish and using a spoon we're missing out a whole stage in development for baby.

Squirting it into her mouth had activated the sensitive gag reflex, caused the reaction and then voila, the heels are dug in and the whole problem had started. She wouldn't take any lumpy food AT ALL.

We need to feed either with the spoon, so teaching the baby to move food from the front of their mouth to the back (this is essential for speech development) OR we do Baby Led Weaning where the baby feeds them self (see the previous blog on BLW).

Here's are some videos demonstrating baby led weaning:

It was fairly easy to sort out, now we knew the cause. We sat her in the Bumbo and let her go for it. She fed herself entirely. Picking up a whole banana, cruskits and both spoons. Yes, it was messy ... very ... but we fixed the problem. Mum breathed a very big sigh of relief and asked me to write a blog about it. So here it is. Thank you, mum

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