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ALDI has got a GREAT selection of toys

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
baby play, toddler play, ALDI
I called into ALDI, Marrickville to do my once a month large shop and got distracted by all the fabulous toys in there.

I felt it deserved a share.

A lot of the toys were made of wood for those parents who are not so keen on plastics and what they can potentially do to babies.

I love the wooden brick sets. They are the right size for developing those lovely pincer skills and promoting fine motor and are the perfect size for safety and no-choke! Very important. Only $14.99!

Check out these Doctor sets for helping reduce fear in the doctor and hospital visits, only $14.99

And lovely wooden alphabet train sets a steal at only $12.99

I got carried away snapping away. A very cute ride on ladybird and sheep only $39 each. Maybe get early for christmas?

I've bought their toys before and used them in busy clinics and can most definitely vouch for durability, ease of clean and safety aspects and I am most choosy!!!

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