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Keeping Your Toddler Busy

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
activity bag, toddler play, play


This topic came to me recently when I went to a local cafe for a late breakfast. This was a special treat and something I like to do on my day off. It gets me out of bed and helps me get my brain ready for blogging!

This particular day stopped me in my tracks.

I'm joined at the next table by 8 ladies and one had brought along her toddler. Now, those of you with toddlers will know that an unentertained toddler is like an unexploded bomb about to go off. I could see the volcano about to erupt. Girls chatting ten to the dozen, morning time and no food yet for toddler. Aaaarrrggghh.

And then he was saved ... mum had the great idea of bringing along an activity bag. Hallelujah.

The bag had paper for drawing, pictures to colour in and coloured pencils so no texta marks on cafe table - genius, cutting out toddler scissors, some toddler friendly cutting books, sticker books and a dinosaur or two for a bit of imaginative play.

activity kit
So when you're leaving the house remember to grab the activity bag on your way out. It may make your day so much more pleasurable.

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