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Fantastic toy's on sale in ALDI (Sydney)

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Fantastic toy's on sale in ALDI (Sydney)
I popped into my local ALDI store (Danks Street, Surry Hills) in Sydney.  What was about to be my typical grocery shop of the usual suspects, turned into a little treasure trove.

Every year, ALDI does a fantastic selection of affordable educational toys.

I can't resist and always buy at least one or two things.

Now, today was especially fantastic.

We're looking at resources for our 4 year old developmental and health assessment kit at my other job, at the GP's.

Yes, I know I am 'Karen many jobs'!!!

I came across some books that teach and assess a child's ability to copy shapes, as well as test their fine manipulation and cognitive skills.

Suitable for 3 years plus.

Then there was a 'Number' book...

And a 'Words' book. These are interactive books with a LED pen to copy and highlight the shapes/numbers/words.

Keeping it real for the 'computer savvy' generation of children we have now. I even had a little play and tested myself out!

And fantastic 'Playdoh' to make 'pizza' - fine manipulation, cognitive and imagination a plenty.

A steal at $14.99 and it's REAL 'Playdoh'.

Mini baking kits. A very affordable $9.99

A junior Masterchef in the making...

There's also clothes, socks and lots of other kiddies things.

Once they're sold, they're gone...

Every ALDI in New South Wales is doing them and they are sharing the stock out.

And best thing is, it's on every year. So keep your eye's peeled.

And if toys are not your thing, then ALDI nappies are rather good value and they work.

ALDI also does baby food in jars...

I could go on and on, but must go and stir that pan of Scotch Broth I've just made!!!

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