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The Pause - this may be the single most important thing about babies and sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Yesterday I had a most interesting day. I went to the Karitane Conference at Darling Harbour. I met up with all my old colleagues, which was really lovely. Hello to Jodie, Cheryl, Sue, Jennifer, Lesley, Lyn, Tracey, Delinda and all the lovely Child & Family Health Nurses who I had the pleasure of chatting to.

We had presentations from some really inspirational health professionals from all over Australia. The passion in Child and Family Health is still there. We heard talks from psychologists on Sleep and Settling, and Infant Mental Health. 

The inspirational Beth Macgregor presented on gentle sleep and settling techniques and its importance on Infant Mental Health.

There was Beulah Warren's presentation on the importance of the family in settling and creating the right environment. This leads me to THE PAUSE...You may remember a few blogs back that I was reading a book titled French Children Don't Throw Food.

The book talks a lot about how we may be resetting our baby's natural sleep and wake rhythms by interrupting a normal resettle.

Sometimes we take the baby quickly out of the bassinette for a feed as soon as we hear a bit of mooching about and smacking of lips. We feed because we are terrified of waking our other half as he/she has to go to work. Maybe we need to just wait a moment...pause and listen. Are they really hungry or are they re-settling?

Food for thought I think.

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