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Special offer from Puraforce Remedies and they do sleep drops too

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Another busy week of baby whispering and a lot more peaceful homes and well rested bubba's and toddlers. 

baby sleep

Some of these little ones had been waking up 6-7 times a night and they ranged in age from 3 months to 17 months.

Most were very easy to fix and a quick turnaround. A lot of parents put off doing anything about it for many reasons.

Some do it because they think it will get better. Some because it's in the too hard basket and they think its not fixable. I have many clients who have been to Tresillian or Karitane and are still not fixed. I take on these challenges and can fix most of them.

Something else that may help your little one be more rested and sleep better is a homeopathic range of products from Puraforce remedies.

They do products for teething, colic, reflux, pain relief, constipation, fussiness, earache, conjunctivitis and baby fever.

They are a Melbourne based company and Nicole has 2 young children under the age of 4 years and amazingly neither has had to visit the Dr for an illness.

Many of my clients have used these products with awesome results. And these babies have not been the easiest of cases. I've even sent some over to my sister to help Miss Tilly.

I've even used the sleep drops to help with a toddler and night terrors. The night mum used them was the first night in 5 weeks that he'd done a sleep through. I've also used the constipation drops on a baby where everything else even prunes had failed. Coincidence? No I don't think so.

I've got a special offer for a 10% discount for all Nurture Parenting clients and its available till the 28th February.

All you have to do when ordering is use the code - NPS2014 and this will give you 10% discount on all drops excluding bundles and prescribed remedies/creams.

I'm hoping to have a few more offers like this in the near future. Watch this space for new and exiting things. 

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