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Prince George is a rascal who doesn't like to sleep!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
prince George, baby sleep

Yes these are the words of his daddy, Prince William! Poor Wills and Kate. I'm sure all you parents can relate to this :-(

So what advice or help should we offer them?

I was thinking of a visit from me (Karen) from Nurture Parenting! Of course I would do it for free as long as they flew me first/business class and I could fit in a visit to my family and Tilly & Freya en route!!!!

Do you think they might????

It got me thinking about some of the things and some of the blogs I had written on the subject that might help Kate and Wills.

  • Wrapping/swaddling is really important. It helps that pesky startle reflex that keeps them waking up. It usually goes by 3-4 months of age. Either use a muslin wrap (150cm wide is best) or a love to dream suit. Interesting fact! I know the lady who developed that and I gave her the idea! Strange but true. She used to come and see me at the Early Childhood Clinic at Randwick. If only I'd put my own ideas into practice…LOL

  • Feeding to appetite. If breast feeding feed both sides, Try a day pattern of feed-play-feed-sleep.

  • Be kind to yourself Kate, I think its really important to normalise it rather than always looking for a solutions/quick fix. He is after all a very new baby. Some babies do not love their cots and love being held and cuddled and its really important to be responsive to his needs. And this period will not last forever. Let grandma look after him in the day for a few hours and get caught up on a few hours sleep when you can.

  • And if you'd like a home visit I'm only a phone call away!!!LOL (I would be so shocked if she ever took me up on it!!!)

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