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Daylight savings and your baby's sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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The clocks have gone back an hour and daylight savings are here again! Its been fascinating for me working in 2 different ends of the globe.

In the UK we never worried about the clocks going forward or back and our babies sleep, however I feel the worry down here in OZ, weeks before the event!!!

Yes it does impact on sleep in the short term but like jet lag it only takes a week or two and they're back on track.

Like most things parenting I like to simplify it. Life is hard enough as it is!

You can move most babies on by half an hour every few days till they're on the new regime. Its only the babies over 6 months that are really affected. Before 6 months its hard to set a routine in most babies.

Some parents like to start this process the week before the clocks change but there's no right or wrong way of doing it. Like most things to do with parenting its up to you and you'll know which is the right approach for your bubba.

Children over one year old only need one sleep a day. You can again either move them on half an hour every few days until they're back on track or go the whole hour. They may be a bit cranky but keep them occupied and you'll get there. Take them out for a walk, down the park or playgroup and you'll get through it. 

And before you know it they'll be sleeping so soundly again you'll wonder what you were worrying about!

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