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Helping a 3 month old baby learn to self settle

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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When I first met Danielle and her little 3 month old baby Emily I was greeted by some very loud screaming. It was ear piercing.

She had a really bad cat napping issue and mum was desperate. Danielle was only ever able to get Emily to sleep in the baby sling/ergo baby. Once there she would easily sleep for 3 hours plus. But not in her cot.

Within minutes of me arriving a her home I got Emily to sleep for an hour followed by another 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours in total. She regularly does long sleeps in her cot and mum is rapt. This has translated to sleeping so well that she only wakes for one feed in the night. Mum and dad are very happy and so is Emily. Such a cutie and really thriving.

Our baby Emily struggled to sleep. She was only sleeping for a total of 6 hours most days within a 24 hour period, so was extremely tired and irritable. The only way I could get Emily to sleep throughout the day was in the baby carrier, so consequently I was walking the streets most days like a zombie! My husband and I were exhausted. We received Karen's details after visiting the GP - Emily also has reflux. After my first call with Karen I was instantly filled with confidence.

Karen came to visit one afternoon after a morning of Emily screaming and she worked her magic straight away! Whilst she was at our house, she managed to get Emily to sleep for a total of 3.5 hours - and in her cot! Karen made a few suggestions and gave me a number of strategies to use to help Emily sleep which have been invaluable.

Emily now sleeps for around 4 hours each day and is only waking once in the night. My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the results. What has impressed me the most is Karen's constant follow up and support. Her services didn't stop after the home visit - she has taken a genuine interest in Emily's progress and has been there every step of the way as an amazing support.

I would not hesitate in recommending Karen to any of my friends - she really is the modern day Mary Poppins! Our family is much happier and well rested and we owe it all to Karen's magic. Thank you!!!!

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