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Baby feeding and baby sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby feeding and baby sleep
Oh lordy lordy, I have not blogged since the start of November. How the time has flown.

It's raining cats and dogs in Sydney today and its cold, brrrr and I've got my woolly jumpers back out and the UGG boots.

I've been very busy doing lots of baby whispering and toddler taming and having lots of fun. I've met some inspirational parents and I want to share a few little snippets with you.

I did a lovely baby massage class on Saturday and we did a bit of baby yoga as well. Check out this awesome handstand from Annabelle and her daddy, Tony.

baby yoga

Baby massage and toddler taming seminars will return in the New Year. And they will be joined by baby yoga classes. OOOHHHHH! 

I visited some awesome twin boys (22 months) and helped them with their bedtimes. They were going to bed too late and hence really hard to settle. We have turned bedtime around and their parents are already seeing amazing results.

Yesterday I helped some new parents with their 3 week old baby, Sophia. She had lots of wind/gas and this was creating a difficult day with a constantly crying baby. I think this will be a good turnaround and quickly. I spent time observing the feeding and getting to know her issues and understanding what was happening. Newborns have a lot of tummy issues and parents try many things, not knowing quite what to do. Spacing out the feeds is very important and making sure they have full tummies to help sleep. Feeding too often (less than 2 hourly) will lead to wind/gas and unsettled behaviour. Make sure that each feed is a good feed and spend time feeding. It pays off. 

Check out this YouTube video for ideas on how to manage wind and gas and colic in your little baby.

Other things to try are Infants Friend, Infacol and Colic Drops from PuraForce Remedies.

Infacol and Infants friend can be bought from your local chemist. The Colic drops are bought online from

I'm praying for blue skies to return soon to Sydney. Have a lovely week with your little bubba's and children :-)

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