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A mother's story about sleep training

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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I asked one of the mums I know, Carolina, if she'd write me a blog about her experiences of sleep training. Her account is so true and I knew I'd set her some BIG homework but I also knew she was capable of doing it! As I always say sleep training is earned and boy did she earn it.

Carolina wanted another baby and she had to undergo treatment for IVF.  To increase her success rate she needed to wean Bella. Bella was given six months of breastmilk which I think is really commendable. But when time is of the essence and you're over 40, your chance of IVF and pregnancy success is increased if your hormone levels are good. Unfortunately for some mums that means giving up breastfeeding.

Here is mum's story in her own words

It was two weeks before Christmas and I was going to Adelaide for three weeks. My daughter Bella had just turned six months, was demand feeding and we were playing with little food. She was sleeping in a bassinette and I was still wrapping her and rocking her to sleep. She loved all the above but I started noticing that it was taking her longer to fall asleep and she was waking up more through the night. It was time that she was moved to a cot. But how? Everytime I tried, she would cry. At this stage I wanted to try for another baby.

Off I went to visit the baby whisperer. What unwrap her? ... Wean her off the boob? ... Start giving her three meals? ... And put her in the cot, say good night and don't pick her up till six the next morning? ... I was in shock ... But how can I do that to my baby all at once? Will she be okay?

Bang the next day I did everything Karen suggested.

First thing I unwrapped her, put her in the cot and said goodnight. It took a few nights of crying, nothing major. She would wake up smiling with the arms and legs sprawled. It took a few weeks to wean her off breastmilk. I had to take antibiotics as a prevention from mastitis. Built up to three meals a day.

Seven weeks later and I must say I have a really good baby who eats well and sleeps 11-12 hours every night and is happy. I'm so happy to have found Karen to give me a steer in the right direction, sometimes it's us mums that hold our children back.

Thanks Karen. Big kiss Carolina & Bella.

Some further reading

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