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Baby Massage In Centennial Park

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Here's a little view into my week and what a week it has been :-)

There's been bits of baby whispering and some toddler taming.

I started off my week with a baby massage session on Monday. I had 12 mums and babies and a grandma down Centennial Park in Sydney and we had the most lovely time.

Nurture Parenting Baby Massage

It was a glorious 28C and we found some lovely shade under the trees. A big thank you to Belinda for organising it.

If you fancy inviting me along to your mothers group don't be shy, pick up that phone and give me a call! My fees are small and spread out amongst the group it amounts to not too much.

I feel I am so lucky to work with such lovely peeps in such an amazing country. I can hardly believe that this Health Visitor from Salford is doing what she loves the most in such a lovely country with such motivated and loving parents. A real win-win.

This is where I used to work and live, Salford near Manchester, UK.  Sometimes it's good to give yourself a reality check!

Then I did a bit of toddler taming, helping Noah get his head around being two and adjust to a new sibling. He is doing so amazingly well and was full of smiles and fun and all within a week. His mum has worked so hard and I'm so proud of her.

I often help families who are having behavioural issues with their toddlers and young children. In the UK I was lucky to have studied Psychology at degree level and majored in child development. As Health Visitors part of our role was to do psychological interventions with families. We had the most amazing training from Child Psychologists and I love helping families with young children get back on track and enjoy parenting once again.

And here is Noah. A confident and much happier little boy.

Yesterday I went to see the Archibald Prize and was a guest of one of the NSW art galleries sponsor's and insurers (Marsh). I loved the winner, Del Kathryn Barton but was especially taken with the stunning portrait of Asher Keddie by her sweetheart Vincent Fantauzzo. It's titled love face.

Then today I was busy at my Pharmacy job in Rozelle doing a spot of baby weighing and measuring and Child & Family Health Nursing and Advice. Such cute little bubba's and children. And my week is not even half way through...

Hope you all have a lovely Easter and the Easter Bunny brings you heaps of goodies :-)


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