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NHMRC and ASCIA guidelines - when to start baby on solid food

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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The NHMRC new guidelines came out recently and I'm loving them. I'm especially loving the wording for when it is recommended to start your baby on solid foods. They advise 'around six months'.

Which is what I've been saying for ages, that there is a window of opportunity and as a parent you know when that is. Not all babies are ready at exactly 6 months. Some may be ready at 5 months whereas others are ready at 7 months. Babies are all different.‘infant-feeding-guidelines’.html

I can see why they have not changed it to 4-6 months and I totally agree. I'm going to take you back to my UK days (11 plus years ago) when our UK guidelines used to be 4-6 months of age for starting on solids. What used to happen was parents used to use poetic licence and start solids at 2 or 3 months of age. It was really difficult to put them off to 4 months and 6 months was hardly ever heard of. Babies tummy's are just not ready for food at 2 or 3 or before 4 months. It causes a multitude of problems and they often get constipated.

You may remember that I like the ASCIA guidelines that mentioned 4-6 months.

finger foods

I'm still referring to them (ASCIA) but it is important that we listen and follow the NHMRC as they are our national body on food and research. And that we listen to our babies and are guided by their window of when they are ready.

So hopefully that's cleared that little topic up!

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