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Easy baby puree - Creamed lentils & Ocean Trout

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Easy baby puree - Creamed lentils & Ocean Trout
I realise that all you hard working parents out there need a hand with a few really easy  'tried and tested' foods for your bubs.

Now I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I feel I need to share my tips to make life easier.

This recipe is ideal for bubs 6 month plus and it can be eaten by the parents too - WIN WIN.

And best of all, it freezes into portions and defrosts for a 5 minute family meal! Yes really. Make a heap up, maybe double or triple the amounts and you've got a meal each week for a month.

It's been tried on several bubs and they all wanted more!

Lentils are high in iron and protein, essential for the 6 month old because their iron stores need replenishing.

Just go slowly with pulses and lentils and give according to tolerance. Some bubs are sensitive to the fibre content and you don't want an unsettled tummy. When you first introduce, perhaps serve it as the midday meal so you won't have an unsettled night.

Babys need a high fat diet, so don't be scared off by the butter, oil and cream in the recipe. It all helps brain development.

I'm going to show you, step by step, what to do. I'm not a food stylist and I don't have a really new, shiny kitchen. But I do love cooking and food.

OK here it is...

Creamed Lentils and Ocean Trout or Salmon

This is adapted from Neil Perry's 'Good Food' book.

140g Du Puy (French) lentils

400ml stock - chicken or vegetable

2 carrots peeled and diced

1 leek, sliced

1 garlic clove chopped

1 rasher of smoked or back bacon

olive oil and 15g of butter

150mls thickened cream

1/2 lemon, juiced

handful of chopped herbs -  chives, basil, thyme and mint - i used whatever i had available

Salmon or Ocean Trout fillet

Pan fry veggies, chopped bacon and garlic in the olive oil and butter till softened.

Add lentils and then the stock till the lentils are just covered.

Simmer for 20 minutes till most of the liquid has been absorbed.

Turn heat off and add chopped up herbs, lemon juice and cream.

Blend 2/3 of mixture till smooth (for 6 -8 month baby).

The other 1/3 (un-pureed) can be mixed in for the adults serves. 8 month old bubs can eat unpureed because that's when it's really important to give lumpier foods for speech development.

Panfry salmon or ocean trout (seasoned with black pepper).

Remove skin from salmon/ocean trout and blend with lentils for baby.

Serve - YUMMO!


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  • Janina on

    Hey Karren,

    Tried the lentils , it was delicious , my bub and the whole family loved it!!!!!!
    More happy about Harry eating this nutritious food … He actually loved it , thanks soo much .
    One more food on Harry ’s list of favourite dish ;)


  • karen on

    That is cool Janina. It’s top of my list of favourite recipes too. It has been tried on many babies and most love it. It’s a recipe that converts a lot of people to trying lentils and pulses. Well done. :-)

  • Janina on

    Sounds good , I might try lentils next time :) ….. I have tried salmon … He didnt say no … He had a bit which I am/was happy with ;)
    Lentils sounds yummmmmiiii

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