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Nurture & Conscious Connection Toddler and Child Behaviour Program


Managing a baby is relatively easy compared to the independent free will of a toddler dancing to the beat of his own drum. You thought it was going to get easier. Then you find yourself up against a strong-willed mini-dictator who runs around like a tornado.

How you manage these early years are the key to creating a resilient and confident little human. Without strategies, you will probably find yourself freewheeling into a battle zone. 

I'm here to help you and give you over thirty years of my expertise and knowledge. Strong-willed children are my speciality. Knowing how to approach and manage them is the key to not just surviving as a parent but actually thriving and enjoying your free-spirited child. These strategies are tried and tested and they will help you become the calm and confident parent you always wanted to be. 

You have access to instructional videos and written and downloadable material in a learning management system. This program has the capacity to change your parenting life for the better. 

Day naps, routines, wake windows, development, feeding and so much more. Packed with easy-to-find, searchable topics taking tired eyes to exactly the help you need. Personal teaching videos by Karen, downloadable flexible routines and schedules, checklists, case studies, and links to further references.

You have everything you need in this carefully curated and holistic 0-3 month program.

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