Here is a typical toddler sleep problem parents tear their

hair out over!

Hi Karen,
I had a consult last year and I think I still have 1 follow up question. Please let me know if I don’t… 
We have now reached the toddler (22 months) bed stage and sleeping has gone out the wedding. 
A few weeks back my daughter started hating the cot and was hysterical at the thought of going to bed (we have never experienced this). On one occasion she climbed out of the cot so I took the side off and made a toddler bed. 
My toddler continues to hate going to bed and needs me to lay with her. Or wants to lay with me on the lounge. This is happening for night and day naps. We go through hours of her fighting sleep until she eventually falls asleep playing or watching a movie. 
Even when asleep, she is restless and constantly changes positions and moves around (I know this as most nights she ends ups up with me).
I know I need to preserve and get her to stay in her bed but any tips would be good. 

Hello Kimberley,
As you’ve found moving out of a cot is challenging. Was she wearing a sleeping bag when she climbed out? Sleeping bags usually manage to stop the active jumper/climber.
Impulse control and temperature control are big issues in children under 3 years old. They can climb out of bed 50 x because they’re 2! My sisters little one did this when she moved to a toddler bed at 2 yo.
Keeping her in a toddler bed vs. moving back to the cot I’ll let you decide.
Keeping her in the bed you’ll need a safety gate on her room and to remove all items from her room for safety. I’d try a mattress on the floor rather than a bed, usually more successful because of fall risk. If you use a bed you’ll need a bed rail to keep her safe.
Use Magic Presence to settle and resettle. It will take up to 2-4 weeks to get on top of this situation and get her sleeping through the night.