Teach Your Baby to Sleep (0-3 Months Old)

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Newborn babies, what a “gift” to cherish.

You are not alone ..

Nurture Sleep Program answers all those questions and more

Welcome to Baby Sleep Learning

Karen Faulkner is here to help you and learn from her expertise of over 30 years in baby “sleep training” and most importantly the worldwide technique of “Sleep learning”

Get very excited, because Baby Sleep Learning is now here in Australia

Karen teaches you a new way to manage baby sleep and it doesn’t involve “sleep training”, but “Baby Sleep Learning” via her online program and facebook live Thursdays.

Baby Sleep Learning is a very foreign concept in Australia where we currently have a “treatment” model of health rather than a “preventative model” .
Many parents don’t know about preventing sleep problems. Instead they are told by health professionals to hold and feed to sleep and ‘do what you have to do’.
As a result, most parents end up either co-sleeping with their baby or having to sleep train because the frequent night waking and breastfeeding becomes unsustainable.
Parents are not just tired – they’re utterly exhausted. It’s time to look at sleep from the perspective of a preventative health model.

“I’m seeing too many broken families, broken relationships and mental health issues and knowing it needn’t be like this. It’s time to take away the rite of passage that sleep school and sleep training has become and give the knowledge and power back to parents.”

So, it’s time for Baby Sleep Learning

Karen is your personal Mary Poppins

Who will introduce you to baby self soothing techniques
Day naps, routines, development, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and so much more.

Packed with easy to find, searchable topics that take tired eyes to exactly the help you need.

And it’s not all text. We have charts, videos, planners, checklists, case studies and links to further references.

And best of all, you can join Karen personally on her facebook live Thursdays.

Don’t wait a moment longer.

Subscribe now and bring the joy back into your parenting knowing that you have a “village” to help you.

Our Happy Families

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