Skype consult with Nurture Sleep Program


Karen has helped solve many sleep issues via Skype, across Australia and worldwide. Face to face talking in real time, you are able to show Karen your baby’s sleep environment and discuss any issue you have, from nutrition to development, sleep, routines and nutrition. Karen’s holistic approach to baby sleep issues is warm, caring and based on years of experience helping families across numerous countries, through thousands of issues.

Also included is the Nurture Sleep Program: a holistic approach to baby sleep. This is an online program, which is the synthesis of my 30 years of knowledge as a Registered Midwife and Community Specialist Practitioner, Health Visitor/Child & Family Health Nurse. The Nurture Sleep Program is a learning management system divided into 3 age groups: 0-3 months, 4-6 and 6-12. Get access to up to 7 powerful lessons per age group and support resources of the program as well as a private Facebook group for subscribers.


Skype call, 1 hour, with midwife and baby sleep specialist Karen Faulkner.

Is your baby not sleeping? A 1 hour skype consultation with experienced midwife and baby sleep specialist Karen Faulkner will help you with questions about sleep, nutrition, development or any other parenting issues you’d like to discuss. Karen’s holistic approach to baby sleep problems covers:

  • milk feeds
  • solid food and best nutrition for good sleep
  • your day and night routine
  • your baby’s sleep environment
  • underlying medical issues that may be interrupting sleep (eg reflux)
  • baby sleep learning (self settling methods for babies under 4 months)

Skype allows you to discuss your baby’s environment in real time as you walk Karen through your home on screen. A skype consultation is a great solution for people outside the Sydney area, and a useful introduction to Karen’s warm and personalised solutions that have come from years of experience, across multiple countries and thousands of family situations. This powerful session with Karen is perfect for the family who want support and personalised advice before deciding on a longer session or an overnight stay, or for those who may not need the deep dive Karen’s other sessions provide. A skype call will increase your confidence, helping your baby to sleep and self soothe, in their home environment Book a skype call with Karen below. If you have more questions, please call us: Australia: 0413 054 578 or email info at

How do I know if I should book a skype call, a home visit or an overnight stay?
Contact us to discuss your issues. We can help you make the best and most informed decision.
Nurture Parenting - The Nurture Sleep Program

Nurture Sleep Program

What can you expect from the Nurture Sleep Program?

  • Course broken down into 3 age groups: 0-3 months, 4-6 and 6-12
  •  5-7 videos for each age group, with Karen walking you through the lessons and new information
  • 7 lessons in each age group, including: Routines, Sleep, Self-Soothing Methods, Development and Environment
  • A Nutrition Program section with a new eBook and 80 new recipes all looking specifically at sleep promoting ingredients
  • FAQs and trouble shooting for each age group
  • Access to the previous and on-going 90+ time coded Facebook Lives
  • Personal, one on one support from me via the Nurture Sleep Program closed Facebook group (toddler behaviour included)
  • All content has been written by Karen personally, it is new and fresh content
Nurture Parenting - The Nurture Sleep Program


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