Shapeeze fine motor fun

Shapeeze preschooler activity pads were developed to engage children in the wonders of learning and development through simple craft activities. Developed in consultation with qualified childcare workers and pre-school teachers with over 15 years experience, Shapeeze has been tested in live pre-school environments.
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Shapeeze is:

  • Self-explanatory: enabling your child to create their own masterpiece with or without carer involvement or guidance
  • Fully self-contained: includes glue stick and colour pencils stored in resealable packs
  • Perfect for travel: Pre-cut shapes save time-consuimg cutting and removes the need for sharp scissors, making the Shapeeze pack travel safe and friendly
  • A precursor to writing: shapes aren’t pre-gummed stickers, facilitating the development of fine motor skills as holding and using the glue stick is a precursor to writing
  • Child-friendly: the designs use basic shapes rather than graphic drawings to facilitate the primary goal of recognising and identifying shapes and colours
  • Skill building: each activity builds on skills learned in the previous pages
  • 100% Australian owned
  • Great value, with Free Postage within Australia on all of our kits!

Press and Paste. It’s that simple!



Shapeeze pre-school activity pads help build foundation skills through play. With pre-cut shapes and simple designs, Shapeeze was developed in consultation with qualified childcare workers and pre-school teachers with over 15 years experience and has been tested in live pre-school environments. Shapeeze helps pre-schoolers develop fine motor skills, sharpen reading, comprehension and independent activity, while honing colour and shape recognition. Robust, generous travel friendly kits, with a perfect handle for little hands, and integral pencil and glue stick packs. Great value, with no postage to pay, within Australia.

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