Baby Sleep Magic Overnight | 3 night stay


Baby Sleep Magic Overnight 3 night Stay: Consolidate the methods Karen will teach you and your baby to self soothe and settle. Regain your nights and improve your baby’s wellbeing.


Baby Sleep Magic overnight stay | 3 nights stay 

Get baby sleep help and turn these solutions into practice with 3 overnight stays from baby sleep specialist Karen Faulkner

A 3-nights program to support you to solve your baby’s sleep problems will truly consolidate the changes Karen will teach you. Working through the methodology together over 3 nights will set Karen’s support into habit. The self-settling you will be teaching your baby with Karen’s tried and tested methods, will create lasting benefits. A baby’s sleep can become disrupted through developmental changes, illness, teething, travel, or many other things, but being taught sustainable sleep practices with Karen’s hands on, personalised support will help your baby easily reset, next time there is a hiccup.

With a 3-night stay, Karen will ensure you are truly across all of the methods she has for teaching your baby to self-soothe. These proven holistic techniques include:

  • A review of your day and night time routine
  • Your baby’s diet: solid foods – what are the best foods for great sleep, and are they getting the correct amount during milk feeds
  • A look at your baby’s sleep environment
  • Kind processes – no controlled crying
  • 4 weeks unlimited after care support if needed

Karen covers the Sydney metropolitan region and will travel to other areas in with an additional fee.

Karen’s overnight visits have helped thousands of families across the world get through what can seem insurmountable challenges.
Reduce your stress and fatigue, improve your baby’s health and well being and give your whole family a great night’s sleep.

Call us to discuss your issues: 0413 054 578, or book Karen below.


Does Karen visit families outside of Sydney?

Karen is available to travel outside of Sydney, with additional travel costs. Please call us to discuss your needs and your location:
0413 054 578

How do I prepare for an overnight visit?

Karen will be helping you in a sustainable way, so we don’t want you to change anything prior to her visit. It’s best for her to advise you on how your family functions day to day. We have a long briefing discussion with you prior to Karen’s visit, so she’s as prepared as she can be. This phone call will be scheduled after booking. Please call us to talk through any issues you’d like to discuss: 0413 054 578. We want what you want: a happy little person who will truly sleep like a (champion sleeping) baby.

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